Training the 21st century brain

    a little bit at a time



    How do you create a more effective learning solution for people wired by our quick-change, bite-size world? Easy. You simply rewire the whole learning experience.


    Our learning approach is designed for today's competitive world, using a mobile platform that is versatile and engaging—proven to capture attention, generate retention and impact performance.



  • The Benefits of Our Bite-Size Approach



    Companies can break training materials down into

    digestible bite size and push/pull employees continuously.



    Employees are empowered anytime, anywhere using their mobile devices to learn and relearn.





    Clear, short, and compelling content, delivered on a mobile platform right at their finger tips.



    Our service solution team will partner with you on a blended learning solution so that employees can learn what they NEED to learn.



    Our interactive assessments reinforce content and allow the trainer to focus on the areas for improvement. 



    Bite-size courses.

    Full results.


    So what exactly is mobile-learning?

    It's the process of learning skills and knowledge in short,

    focused courses anywhere, anytime.


  • Simple App

    In this case,Ensures Learner Focuses On Engagement and Retainment


    M-learning trims out the fat and leaves key facts for quick viewing and easy comprehension. Short, focused sessions avoid mental burnout


    Simple dashboard with all the functionalities from course and survey assignments to competition and summary


    Aggregate learning that caters to today's learning style, delivered at the point in need. Learners can navigate their own coursework


    Create fun, motivating and engaging program with customized badges and metals for tiered reward system