• A better way to train and develop your staff

    has arrived.


    60kou blends smart content, robust technology and customized service into one mobile app for optimum results.

  • So what exactly is 60kou?

    We're a mobile learning App that blends smart content,

    Technology and service-enabling your team to perform their best work.



    Our mobile platform is flexible, simple and intuitive for both trainers and users. With M-learning, we make training to large numbers easy and consistent.



    Our Client Services Team will help you plan, create and execute long term strategic development programs. Fun, incentive campaigns to keep your team engaged and retained.



    We work with you on making the content smaller, smarter and more engaging so that your team are learning and performing at maximum results.

  • Practical Trainer Userface

    Allow organizations to track, analyze behaviors and adjust learning

    Trainer Dashboard

    Web-based Interface​

    60Kou makes it easy to create, deliver, and measure training so leaders can focus on strategic work and manage staffs' learning at their fingertips. With 60kou, trainers can:

    • Upload unlimited content
    • Assign tasks to who NEEDS training and when
    • Start tracking and download reports immediately

    Trainer Courses

    Easy to Design and Upload

    Quick, unlimited uploading courses saves time and keeps learners continuously learning. Individual assessments allow trainers to better understand where to support and reward. Learning behavior analysis helps identify areas that are weak for content adjustments.

    Trainer Reporting

    Immediate Reports​

    60kou's simple reporting interface puts real-time data right at your fingertips. Quickly identify skills gaps, track individual and group performance stats, and more.

  • User Dashboard

    Learners will see assigned courses, in progress or completed and be able to see how they're ranked among their peers. A summary page outlines number of assessments completed and average quiz scores.

    Course List

    Once you touch "courses" you'll be able to select from a list of courses assigned or in progress.

    Quiz Page

    Every course is paired with assessments that get learners practicing right away. The result? Higher retention and greater on-the-job performance.

    Quiz Overview

    Quiz result is immediate and you'll also able to review your answers to see which ones were missed without having to wait.

  • Today's Learning With Gamification

    Integrates bite-size modules with gamification to engage learners to continuously learn

    Learning Points

    Accumulate metals and badges that generate total individual learning points. Learners are rewarded and motivated.


    Immediately see ranking status on each assessment and total learning points, keeping learners engaged.

    Social Learning

    Share comments, questions and "likes" with peers and course teacher or trainer to keep learning fun.