Who We Are



    We are passionate abohttps://www.sxl.cn/s#/ut life-long learning. We believe every learner can do more.


    We want to help today's workforce

    gain more knowledge and do their best work.

  • Our Story

    60kou was born from the vision of helping the front line staff improve their knowledge with continual learning. Often overlooked in most organizations, this segment experiences high turnover and low job satisfaction. Companies struggle to retain while resources and costs are tightened. Trainers struggle with the lack of reporting and outdated or inconsistent training materials.


    60Kou understands this and that's why we need to leverage technology to enhance our effectiveness and efficiency at work. We believe that using a mobile learning platform to distribute“bursts" of lessons to employees improve engagement, enhance skills to perform, and makes learning easy to use.


    We make training to large numbers easy and consistent. Leaders have more time to focus on strategic work, and manage employees' learning at their fingertips. Are you ready to change your organization?