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    June Qian


    "We use 60kou mobile learning platform to convey our company brand, promotion and operation to all our staff. We are so thankful for all the amazing support that 60kou provides from co-developing a long term training strategy, implementation and on-boarding and post learnings. Our staff are continually learning which translates to better business."

    Elsie Leung

    General Manager

    "We are delighted to employ 60kou's innovative learning tool which saves training time and costs. We now have immediate view into employees' learning progress and development which helps improve staff productivity. Our staff praise that it is convenient, efficient and engaging and they like the ability to refresh past content to stay updated. 60kou is an integral partner in our property's training plan."

    Liu Shu

    General Manager​

    “Using 60kou’s mobile learning platform keeps our customers updated and trained—helping us improve efficiency and effectiveness. Partnering with 60kou means we are getting superb customer service from planning to launch. “

    Maggie Wu

    Training Manager

    "60kou is unique because they provide us customized learning courses just for us unlike others that only offer their standard courses. As a training manager, time and convenience are critical especially in the hospitality industry. It's not easy to train and communicate consistent lessons at the same time to a large staff. Now, I'm able to better utilize my time to improve talent development and training strategy. I really appreciate 60kou's top service and platform."

    Liberty Wong-Mejia

    Educational Technology Coordinator/Lecturer

    "With the 60Kou m-learning app, our students can review their courses anytime and anywhere. It's like having a teacher in their pocket and gives us customized data for each user."


    “In line with its pledge to promote the most current and innovative learning methods, the school launched a new education app which was developed by Shanghai based tech start-up 60kou: a mobile-learning platform that grants students access to bitesize training materials anywhere, and at any time.

    Research has shown that ‘microlearning’ makes knowledge transfer 17 percent more efficient – a driving factor of LRJJ’s decision to launch this high-tech tool. The app gives students the invaluable power to learn while on the go, feeding them short multi-media insights that are both significant and digestible.”



    Beverly Xu


    "We publish mini-lesson courses and quizzes on the 60kou App to help our students review course materials, interact with other classmates, and stay engaged both outside of our classrooms and in-between classes. Its UI is simple and intuitive that even our younger students find it easy to use. 60kou's fabulous multimedia features have helped our students improve both intonation and listening skills. The reports on quiz scores helps us evaluate and continue to improve our teaching methodology."