A Better Way

    To Learn At Work


    Bite-Size Learning for Today's Workforce



  • Why 60kou?

    60kou offers a new way of learning that is short, targeted,

    engaging and easily accessible for today's active workforce.


    Studies show employees forget 90% of what is learned within a short period of time after training

    60 seconds

    It takes only 60 seconds to learn something new




    More than 50% of CLOs are not satisfied with today's learning/educational initiatives

    280 minutes

    China spends 280 minutes a day on mobile usage vs 177 minutes for the rest of the world


    The percentage of workers declared their mobile devices to be their "most critical work device"

    8 seconds

    Attention spans falling rapidly to 8 seconds from 12 seconds just a few years ago


    A recent study indicates that micro-learning drives over 20% more information retention


    Mobile learners study 40% more each week by studying everywhere they go

  • A Blended Learning Solution

    For Today's Workforce

    Mobile Communication And Training For Enterprise


    Our content center includes wide categories while reducing the go to market time and increasing the bottom line


    Easy to use cloud-based interface allows trainers to upload unlimited courses and assign assessments to reinforce learning


    Gamification motivates and engages, making communication and training to large numbers easy, fun and consistent


    Pre and post surveys provide immediate pulse on course development, performance or personnel assessment


    Optimize performance. Improve sales and reduce training cost


    Makes learning easy to use anytime, anywhere


    What can you learn in 60 seconds?

    Anything you want.




    Mobile-learning isn't about learning in 60 seconds. It's what happens when you add up the total impact of many 60 seconds or more courses over time. It's learning smarter, faster in the least amount of time.

  • Bite-size learning for every learner

    We help good people get better.

    60kou works with your organization to deliver practical, engaging and aligned learning solutions.


    Learners can quickly learn or refresh a skill with "Just-In-Time" learning


    Content is stored on the cloud, easily accessible on the go


    Short, targeted and relevant lessons for on the job training​


    Gaming approach keeps learners motivated and engaged​

  • So what are you waiting for?

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